Thursday, August 28, 2008

A very thorough physical

I had my physical today. They are very thorough at this clinic. I've never had half this stuff checked by a doctor. Today they checked:

1. weight and body fat
2. resting blood pressure
3. blood pressure while one hand is in a bucket of ice water
4. blood pressure while trying to count backwards from 999, by 9s
5. blood pressure while playing a video game (Ms. PacMan)
6. lung capacity
7. EKG
8. strength tests for arms and legs (lifting weights)
9. bone scan
10. chest x-ray
11. vision and hearing

This is in addition to the bloodwork (they took 6 0r 7 tubes) and the metabolic thing I did a couple weeks ago. I go back in a month (soonest I could get in) to go over everything and see what we're going to do about my PCOS. Not as soon as I hoped, it's not leaving much room to get on some meds and lose some weight before I see my Army Guy in November, but hopefully we can at least make some progress.

I didn't work on my quilt today, though I did get a lot of the little things done for Little Miss Sunshine's room that I've been putting off. Once I build her bookcase and get her books moved in, it'll be done! I'll post pictures once I get that accomplished.


  1. Wow! That is alot of tests. I think it'll be fascinating to see what differences there are in the tests, especially the blood pressure tests. I can't wait to hear what all the results are.

  2. Seriously?! Counting backwards from 999 by 9's?! What happens if you mess up? Do you fail the blood pressure test? :)

  3. I know, craziness, huh? I guess it's to see what your bp does when you're stressed. I found the video game way more stressful than the counting backwards (once I remembered my times tables). I am sooo not coordinated when it comes to video games, so I rarely play them, and therefor suck at them.