Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine

Remember these books? When I was in first grade, my teacher gave each student one of these books, based on their personality. I got the Little Miss Sunshine book. Somehow in the 20-odd years since, it got lost, so I haven't read it in a while, but I do remember that it was a cute book. I believe they're making a come-back, along with so many other things from our childhood (Strawberry Shortcake, Cabbage Patch Kids, etc), and are being reprinted or have become collectors' items. Anyway, I decided I was tired of calling my daughter 'DD': I want something a bit more descriptive. While she does have her moments (she is a toddler, after all), for the most part she is a happy, good natured little kiddo with the best smile ever. So, hereafter, in the annals of this blog she will be known as 'Little Miss Sunshine' or 'LMS' when I'm feeling lazy.

DH will now be referred to as 'Army Guy'- not very creative, I know. It's taken me this long to come up with a nickname for DD and I think that used all my creative juices. I'm still trying to come up with something creative for me, but am drawing a blank. Someday...

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