Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

That's what the last few days have been like. Saturday was cold and rainy again, such weird weather for August. I got the rest of the mudding done (3 layers each in the closet and DD's room). Unfortunately, DD and I both got sick from breathing the dust that occurs when you sand down the mud in between coats. If I ever drywall anything again, I'm getting one of those full breathing apparatus things that cover your whole face and filter everything out.

I started painting today, but ran out of paint. I thought we had more, which we did, before mom and dad painted the downstairs bedroom and used most of it. I forgot about that, though, and ended up having to run into town to buy paint at 9 at night so I can finish up first thing in the morning. The really disgusting thing is that I was there this afternoon and didn't even think about buying paint.

It's good to be making as much progress as I am, and I am so tempted to stay up and finish the painting tonight. However, that would mean changing back into my painting clothes (had to change before going into town) and staying up quite late when I really need to get my rest so I can get better and be ready for my half marathon this weekend. Sleep wins out.

Sometime before lunch today, I looked around for my blue water bottle, but couldn't find it anywhere. I knew DD had it last, so I checked all her little hidey-holes, but could not find it. I knew it was in the room somewhere, but had no idea where. Just before I got on the computer tonight I opened the drawer in my desk to grab some typing paper, and what did I find? That's right! My water bottle. Another place to look when DD 'puts things away'.

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