Friday, August 29, 2008

Midnight Sun

Today I was surfing the web and checked Stephenie Meyer's site to see if there was any new info on it. Sadly, there was: someone had posted part of her draft of Midnight Sun online. She's understandably quite upset about it, and won't be finishing it anytime in the near future; she'll be working on other projects instead. She posted a link so you can read the draft that was posted online, but it's not complete. What she's written is good, and I'd really like to be able to read the rest, too bad that won't be anytime soon. Why would you do something like that? What is the point of spoilers and sneaking stuff out early and not respecting the rights of the author? It's very rude and insensitive (and illegal), and now everyone has to suffer because of someone's actions. :(

Our things have been in storage for 9 months now, during which time my Army Guy left, Little Miss Sunshine and I moved from the in-laws' to my parents', and LMS moved out of her crib. Consequently, hubby's clothes, LMS's crib, bedding and outgrown clothing, and miscellaneous items have been haphazardly chucked into the storage unit. In the interest of neatness and appeasing my inner OCD, I pulled the various boxes, bins, and bags of clothes out and hauled them home and upstairs so I could sort and consolidate. Tomorrow we'll be moving everything else over here, which will give me the chance to reorganize everything. I can set aside the boxes of books so they're easy to find when I'm ready to index them, I can have my boxes of craft stuff close to the front, just in case I need something out of them, and the bins of clothes can also be close to the front for easy accessibility. I'm not kidding about the OCD, either. I knew everything was going to be in storage for a year and a half, so when I packed (which I had to do, so I could make sure it was done right) I made a list of what went into each box, so I can find things as I need them: baby items, bathroom items, a particular book, etc, can all be found by consulting my list. I guess I could call it efficiency rather than OCD, but it's still OCD.

This afternoon LMS and I played on the trampoline for awhile. We just rolled around in circles, chasing each other, but she thought it was the greatest fun. She laughed and giggled the whole time! It reminded me that I need to make sure I'm taking the time to play with her, and not just have her playing next to me while I do something else.


  1. I'm so sad about Midnight Sun. Stephanie Meyer should still finish writing it, we could all promise not to read the pirated version. Stupid people.

  2. Seriously, what was the point of posting that book?! Why would someone do that to someone else?! I'm angry at stupid people!