Friday, August 15, 2008

Another productive day

It was cold and rainy all day, so I didn't go for a run or a bike ride (now would be a great time to have that indoor trainer I have my eye on on ebay), but I did get a lot done on DD's room. I finally finished the drywall, put the metal corner strips on, taped the seams and corners and applied first layer of joint compound (aka 'mud') to the closet and her room. I was also able to apply the second layer of mud to the closet, but will have to wait till tomorrow to do the second layer in DD's room. Hopefully I can get started early enough to get the third layer on later tomorrow. Once that's all dry, as long as I don't need a fourth layer, I'll be ready to paint! Wahoo! Progress!

I finally sat down and submitted quote requests to a couple mobile storage places. Should have done that a long time ago- so far, the lowest quote is half what I'm paying now for the storage units. Even after factoring in the delivery fee, it'll be a lot cheaper. Plus, when it comes time to move, we just load the rest of our stuff (the things we're currently using) into it, and they'll haul it where it needs to go. Not sure how much that will be, but probably cheaper than the U-Haul we used coming out here. We used the biggest truck they have and it was a tight squeeze, and we have since acquired some larger items, so I don't think we'll fit in the same size truck again. Plus, I really don't enjoy driving trucks that big. I can do it (I did drive for UPS one summer), but I find it rather nerve-wracking.

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