Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A grumpy day

Yesterday we drove home, and today I feel like I can walk normally again. I was feeling pretty stiff and sore the last couple days, but that's gone now. Laundry and unpacking today, as well as quiet playing time with DD. She enjoys visiting with cousins, but has a hard time having to share all the time. Part of that is trying to hold onto the toy, since the rule is that if you put it down, it's the other kid's turn to play with it. So she'll hang onto a toy as long as possible rather than let go and lose her turn. The other kids do it too, which is reassuring- at least it's not just my kiddo. It's also quite funny to watch the lengths they'll go to (laying on toys and so on) to maintain possession.

Today my shipping container was delivered, so now we need to haul everything from the storage units in town back here. I was planning on doing that tomorrow, but we'll have to see if that happens. Apparently my dad doesn't like where the container is, and wants it moved. Never mind the fact that he didn't say where he did want it, or the fact that this thing is very heavy, even when empty. So I'm a bit ticked because we have to figure out some way to move it before I can get all our stuff moved, which has to be done by Saturday night. We could call the company that delivered it, but they'd charge me another $200, which I won't pay since it's not my fault dad doesn't like where it is. (can you tell I'm a bit upset about the whole thing?)

I didn't go for a bike ride like I wanted because the container was supposed to be delivered before noon, but didn't make it here till after 1:30. So I wasted a lot of time waiting for it to show up. Adding insult to injury, my hayfever is acting up. I haven't had problems with it for a really long time, but after tramping around in the back field where the container now is, and my nose is all stuffed up, my throat is itchy and scratchy, and my head is hurting. Grrr.

Though on a good note, I don't think I have bronchitis. The phlegmy cough is doing much better, and my lungs are almost feeling normal.

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