Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some progress today

This morning I swam laps for an hour, logging a total of 66 laps. I tried to work on form and do some drills, and if I can keep this up, come spring I should be a lot faster and more confident in my swimming abilities. This is important since there's a triathlon I want to do that has a 1500 meter open water swim. The bike ride is 23 miles and the run is 6 miles. Those I can handle, it's the nearly-one-mile in open water that worries me.

Today I bought wood for shelves for the closet and to make a trundle bed box for DD's bed. The toddler bed I bought her is too big, unfortunately, so I have to make a bed for her that will fit in the space available. We finally got the electrical in DD's room done, so I can put up the last two pieces of drywall and start mudding and taping tomorrow. Once all the mudding is done, I can paint and then put the shelves in the closet and finally organize some of my stuff that's been stashed wherever I can find a spot. I can also paint DD's room and get the carpet and pad down and finish things off in there. It's taking longer than I hoped, but about as long as I expected.

The other night I finished one of my quilt tops, it turned out to be just a lap quilt size, so it didn't take too long. DD took a fancy to the fabric, so I used some of the pieces to make a doll-size pillow and quilt. She is loving them! Her lambie is constantly taking naps, wrapped up in the quilt and laying on the pillow. It's very cute. Since I finished the second quilt top, I started the third, but this one will take longer to finish- there's a lot more pieces. After that, one more and then I'm done with the piecing.
Nap time for DD and lambie, lambie using her new pillow and quilt, with 'blankie' on top.

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