Wednesday, November 9, 2016

DIY Professor Sprout Costume

Deciding that Ocean should be a mandrake made my costume a no-brainer. A mandrake needs Professor Sprout to take care of it. And she's a rather neglected character when it comes to dressing up.

 Professor Sprout worked with plants so I tried to keep the fabrics rustic and the colors earth tones. And I tried to do this without actually buying many supplies. I bought the hat, pink fluffy material, fake leaves, and brown fabric in the form of a queen size flat sheet for the robe.

The costume pieces:
Shawl: The pictures I consulted showed that Prof. Sprout wore a shawl of some sort around her shoulders. I was trying to use what I had, so I made one out of an old wool sweater I found at a thrift store ages ago. When I bought it I ran it through the wash a few times to felt it, but then stuck it in my stash to await the perfect project. I thought it worked well, though it was itchy, so I added some detail around the neckline with a scrap of drop cloth fabric I had sitting around. I also used a few pieces of yarn to bulk up the tie portion, and I hot glued some fake leaves from the dollar store for decoration.

Dragon Hide Gloves: I hot glued small pieces of pleather (left over from last year's Star Wars costumes) to a worn out pair of gloves. It did make them hard to pull on, but I thought the effect was cool. I'll share more details in another post where I talk more about how I made all the accessories.

Wand: I made my wand just like I did Sunshine and River's- more details to come in the accessories post.

Boots: I just wore brown boots I had. Gardening shoes would have worked as well, but my gardening shoes are my hiking boots or my pink polka dot rain boots, so they were a no-go.

Skirt: I wore an earthy green corduroy skirt from my closet.

Mandrake: Ocean was my mandrake this year, but I can see myself using this costume again and making a mandrake out of a doll and carrying that around.

Shirt: I wore a long sleeve white button up from my closet.

Robe: I made my robe like the kids', except mine has gathers in the front to make it fuller. I also added pockets to the front (per the reference pictures) and they were handy for storing all my stuff while at the party. I used a queen size flat sheet for the outer layer of the robe and used a dark brown flat sheet from my stash to line the robe. The dark brown sheet had been used for something else and had some holes in it, but I figured if anyone saw them they'd just make it look more rustic :)

Pink Fluffy Ear Muffs: In the book, Prof. Sprout ends up with the pink fluffy earmuffs because no one else wanted them. They don't show this in the movie, I don't think, which is a shame. I found some bright pink fluffy fabric and made my own ear muffs- details to come in the accessories post. They're actually attached to the elastic that is holding the hat to my head, and are only kind of covering my ears.

Witches Hat: I used a dollar store witch hat as the base and covered it with fabric leftover from making Sunshine's Padowan costume two years ago. I added a few fake leaves for decoration and some elastic to keep it on my head. More details to come in the accessories post.

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