Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekly Mileage

Last week I didn't spend any time on the treadmill, and we missed our hike because Sunshine had a field trip that morning. We did visit Spotsylvania Battlefield (part of our quest to hit all four battlefields associated with Fredericksburg National Historic Battlefield), but we didn't do a lot of walking.

Instead of communing with the treadmill I've been spending too much time staring at my laptop screen, working on a big project. Staring at my computer always gives me a headache, which in turn saps any desire to get on the treadmill. A big downside to scheduling my workouts in the evening. Live and learn.

While I work at balancing things a little better, here's some pictures from a hike we went on a couple weeks ago. We hit pay dirt at our trails park when we ventured onto some trails we haven't been on before. We found the old car above not far from trail, but in the middle of the park, with no roads to be seen. So many questions....

We also found this cool root that had a teeny tiny mushroom growing in it. The root actually reminds me of the Berenstein Bear book The Spooky Old Tree :)

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