Friday, November 4, 2016

DIY Harry Potter Costume

Like Sunshine's, River's costume was pretty easy to put together. The only thing I sewed was the robe. The rest was purchased or re-purposed.

I usually forget to take back shots, but I actually remembered this year. Here's the back of Sunshine and River's robes. The hoods are functional, but the weather was too nice for them :)

I ordered Gryffindor patches in plenty of time, but they disappeared in the mail, so I had to order another set. They didn't arrive until after we took these pictures, so I did a second round of pictures the afternoon of our ward Halloween activity, this time with the patches on.

The costume pieces:
Round Glasses: I found a pair of joke glasses at the dollar store and very easily popped out the lenses. They were a bit large for River, but they worked and were super cheap.

White Button Down Shirt: River wore his white Sunday shirt under his vest and robe.

Robe: I used a black flat sheet and a dark red flat sheet to make River and Sunshine's robes. I think they were full size sheets? They were just big enough for the two robes. They're fully lined and are pretty much like any other robe/dress I've made over the years (JawaPrincess ButtercupPrincess Leia, etc). I sewed a fabric knot at the chest to close the robes and hand sewed a wand pocket to the lining. I meant to do it before I attached the lining to the outer robe, but forgot, so had to do it by hand. The patches I ended up with were iron on, so no sewing there. Patches can be found on eBay and Amazon.
I think the wand and glasses pockets are a stroke of genius- it keeps them from getting lost, but River can pull them out at a moment's notice.

Dark Shoes: black shoes would have been more screen accurate, but River just wore his brown Sunday shoes.

Dark Gray Pants: purchased from Kohls. They're now in River's closet.

Gray Sweater Vest: purchased from Children's Place, I think. It's a school uniform piece, but works well for Sundays too.

Gryffindor Tie: I repurposed the boys' maroon ties from last Christmas. I found some thin yellow duct tape at wally world and made stripes on the ties with it. I haven't taken the tape off yet, so I'm not sure if I've permanently ruined them. We may just keep the tape on and keep them as Gryffindor ties. I'll post more details in the accessories post.

Wand: There's lots of tutorials out there on how to make wands. I used chopsticks, hot glue, and craft paint. I'll talk more about how I made the accessories in another post.

Scar: I just drew a quick lighting shape with my very-infrequently-used eyeliner pencil.

I'm super happy with how the costume came together, and at least the robe will fit for several years, so I see it getting a lot of use. The clothes are in River's closet and Ocean will get a chance to wear this outfit as well, I'm sure.

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