Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Mileage

the boys got a little bored during Sunshine's history club meeting- 
Ocean sampled the local sticks and River tried his hand at driving the stroller

October's mileage dipped a bit since Mr M took time off work for the first half of the month. We were so busy doing other things that running was not my top priority. Despite that, I managed to keep my mileage fairly close to September's mileage, so I'm not at all upset.

I'm still working on finding a good time to commune with the treadmill. I'd prefer first thing in the morning, but the boys wake up as soon as they hear me creep down the stairs, plus Ocean is still nursing first thing in the morning. In October I experimented with working out after the kids were in bed, and it actually worked fairly well. If I hop on the treadmill as soon as Sunshine's in bed I have time to get a decent workout in and still get my heart rate back down in time to get to bed at a decent time.

We worked on projects while Mr M was on vacation, though we didn't finish them before he had to go back to work, not that I expected we would. I've finished some of them, but there's still more to do. There's always work to do... Anyway, there were 7 days in October that I worked on projects.

October's mileage:
8 treadmill workouts + 3 hikes + 3 races (virtual 5k, trail 5k, Halloween 5k) = 35.85 miles total

September's mileage:
9 treadmill workouts + 4 hikes + 3 races (Labor Daycolortrail) = 42.31 miles total

August's mileage:
1 treadmill walk + 2 hikes w/stroller + 4 races (5k5k10k4 mile) = 26.10 miles total

July's mileage:
2 treadmill walks + 3 hikes + 1 race (5k) = 13.72 miles total

June's mileage:
4 treadmill walks + 3 hikes + 3 races (June 5k1 mile glow5k)= 21.46 miles total

May's mileage:
7 treadmill walks + 1 hike + 2 races (May 5kevening 5k) = 23.87 miles total

April's mileage:
6 treadmill walks + 1 hike + 1 outdoor run + 3 races (glow 5kApril 5k5k) = 27.17 miles total

March's mileage:
4 treadmill workouts + 3 hikes w/stroller + 4 races (4k5k5k5k obstacle) = 25.7 miles total

February's mileage:
9 treadmill workouts + 2 races (5k + 4.8 mile mud) = 26.15 miles total

January's mileage:
8 treadmill workouts + 1 race (5k) = 16.17 miles

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