Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Easy DIY Harry Potter-themed Costumes

Mr M took some time off his crazy work schedule at the beginning of October to spend time with us, relax, and catch up on things that needed to be done around the house. I'd already decided on the theme for costumes for the kids and I, and I realized that even though Mr M wouldn't be able to go to any Halloween parties with us he could still be included in the group if I finished our costumes before the last minute, as I've done the last few years.

check out River and Sunshine :)

With that goal in mind, in September I got busy ordering, purchasing, and creating.

too cute!

I knew I couldn't spend the amount of time I've spent in the past on costumes, so I planned on simple costumes this year. I enjoy the process of creating the costumes, but it's time consuming and time is in short supply this year.

I've thought about doing Harry Potter costumes for a couple years now, and I realized that this would be the year to do it because I'd only need to sew the robes. So I determined that Sunshine would be Hermione, River would be Harry Potter, I would be Professor Sprout, and Ocean would be a mandrake. We added Mr M to the group as Hagrid.

I'm posting our group pictures now, but I'm going to do individual posts for each costume so I can talk about what went into each one.

Individual Costume Posts:

DIY Harry Potter costume
DIY Hermione costume
DIY Hagrid costume
DIY Mandrake costume
DIY Prof. Sprout costume

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