Monday, October 10, 2016

The 5 Mile Race I Didn't Run

River thought the ditch witch was pretty cool

Saturday I'd signed up for a 5 mile race, but when it came down to it, I didn't run the race.

I went to bed on time, but didn't fall asleep for more than two hours, so I woke up tired. I went downstairs and sat looking into the darkness as I ate breakfast. I could hear the rain coming down, and I started thinking about the race. I'd already received an email the night before that the race was on, rain or shine, so I knew it wouldn't be canceled. But as I sat there, I just felt sooo tired. I was tired from lack of sleep and my feet hurt from two days of working on the uneven ground of our woods, expanding the chicken run (more to come on that).

And then I realized that this was one race I could actually back out of without any problems. Mr M took some time off work, so he was home to watch the kiddos. Normally I'd have a babysitter coming, but since I didn't, I could just go back to bed if I wanted. And I wanted to, since I was so tired, it was raining, and it was a 5 mile race. If it had been a 5k I might still have done it, but I was just too tired for a 5 mile race. After giving myself permission to stay home, I went back to bed and went back to sleep. It was glorious.

Sleep has been an issue lately. I don't always fall asleep as easily as I'd like and I don't always stay asleep and get a restful night's sleep. I'm going to give Calms Forte a try to see if it'll help me sleep better the night before a race. I tend to wake up multiple times, afraid of sleeping through my alarm, even though I set two different alarms.

River really wanted to help Mr M with the ditch witch, but had to settle for standing back with me

Last Week's Mileage:
Monday- Run Long and Prosper virtual 5k on the treadmill plus an additional .9 miles, for a total of 4 miles run and walked
Wednesday- walked 2.06 miles on the treadmill
Thursday- we worked to expand the chicken run. Mr M ditch witched a new, much larger perimeter. I cleared out a few sections that had dirt fall back in during the process then dug post holes while he ran to Lowes for posts and hardware cloth, and then we set the posts in cement.
Friday- I cut the rolls of 1/2" hardware cloth in half, from 24" to 12", then buried the fencing in the ditches dug the previous day. I also filled in the ditches with all the dirt that had been dug out.
                  Total for the week: 6.06 miles, plus 2 work days

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