Thursday, October 30, 2008

Purple pillow

Today I was able to go for a run with Little Miss Sunshine. The gorgeous weather has been holding out, making it perfect weather to be outside.

I went to the hardware store and got the hardware I need to make my version of the travelmate. I'll work on that tomorrow, and hopefully get it all taken care of.

I did manage to practice my flute tonight, and last night I typed my notes for my book. I still need to proofread and re-write, but at least I've got everything typed up now.

Here's the pictures from the headrest I made for LMS's car seat. The first picture is one I found on ebay. I looked at it and decided I could make one for way cheaper than they were charging ($17.45, including shipping). I had all the materials, so the only cost was the time it took to sew it. It's a headrest that loops around the top of the car seat and supports the head while the child sleeps, with velcro for quick removal. The middle picture is one where LMS isn't sleeping (and is telling me not to take a picture!), and the right picture is where she is sleeping, but had managed to move the headrest around and was just using it to cover her face. I wasn't sitting next to her, so I couldn't rearrange it. We'll see if she actually uses it how it should be. I thought it might be nice for the plane trips. She calls it her purple pillow.

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