Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally finished the last quilt!

I got a new calling this weekend: primary chorister. I'm no longer assistant nursery leader. I knew it was coming- in January the 4 boys move up to sunbeams, leaving the 3 little girls. We don't have any more kids moving up to nursery for more than a year, and 3 adults are not necessary to watch 3 kids. As a child, I remember sitting in primary, thinking I didn't want to be primary chorister- I can't sing, and getting up in front of people to sing is not my idea of fun. So this and ward choir director are the callings lowest on my list. Which is why I got it :) It'll be a good learning experience, though. At least I know how to lead- I was YW chorister when I was in YW. I haven't been in primary for almost 2o years, though, so there's a lot I don't remember about how things go, plus the primary hymnbook is new since I left primary. I know some of the songs, but there's a lot I don't.

My 730 pictures came today: all 5 pounds of them! I won't start scrapbooking just yet though. I have some other projects to finish first. I did finally finish the last quilt. It turned out pretty good for being done on a regular sewing machine. It would have been a lot smoother if I'd hand quilted it, using my quilt stand, or used a quilting machine. However, I don't have the time or space to hand quilt on my stand (not to mention it's stored in several different boxes in storage), and I don't have a quilting machine and I'm not willing to pay someone to do it. Next up is a head rest for Little Miss Sunshine's car seat, then my version of the travelmate. After that, I need to type my notes for my book. My Army Guy wants to read what I've written, but I haven't done much on it lately. I need to re-write the beginning, in addition to typing notes I wrote awhile ago.

This morning I got my hair cut. I've been growing it out for the last year, and it's finally long enough to shape and make it look decent. Just in time for our trip to Hawaii to see my Army Guy (just 2 1/2 more weeks!).

I've started using the new nursery manual for family home evening lessons. The Church just came out with it, and it's great. The manual we used to use was for sunbeams, too, and most of the activities and stories were way over the nursery kids' heads. This manual is geared for the nursery kids, and for use by families. So on Monday we talk about the same lesson that was given on Sunday. I figure a little repetition is a good thing.

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  1. I decided today that you need to move closer! That way we could feed off each others crafty-ness and do projects together (plus I totally want you to teach me to sew well!). I love that you have so many goals-I'm a very goal oriented kinda gal. And I give you kudos for being so motivated and getting so much done. I've found with this deployment it's easy to want to veg out, sit and sulk, and do absolutely nothing! Kudos to you-you're very inspirational!