Friday, October 24, 2008

Painting pumpkins

Yesterday I rode my bike indoors for an hour. After lunch, I had a checkup with my nutritionist. Mostly it was to make sure I was making the changes to my diet and adding in weight training. We talked about cravings (I always get them before my period), and she gave me some stuff that's supposed to help counteract cravings. It helps with hormone levels and all that. We'll see if it works.

On the way home I bought some gift tags, so I was finally able to wrap the Christmas presents I bought a week ago.

Little Miss Sunshine painted a pumpkin, and had a blast. Obviously we need to be doing more painting. She was very intent about it all, even though there wasn't any defined pictures/features. She ended up mixed all the colors together and then painted the whole pumpkin.

I finished The Warrior Heir/The Wizard Heir/The Dragon Heir trilogy (second time through), so I'm almost done with all my library books. I have a Scott Westerfeld trilogy I still need to read, but I've been waiting for the first book to become available (can't read them out of order). I can pick it up today, but in the meantime I started 'The Schwarzbein Principle: The Program', by Diana Schwarzbein. It was recommended by my nutritionist, and it's been sitting in my book pile for the past 3 weeks. I've been putting it off because I didn't think it would be very interesting. However, I'm not very far into it, and I think it is quite interesting. It'll be interesting to see what her program involves.

This morning I painted a face on LMS's pumpkin. I was going to have her paint one side and then I'd paint the other side, but since she ended up painting the whole pumpkin, I painted the top. Nothing too elaborate, but it'll work. My mom's is next to ours: she put a lot more work into hers.

I actually practiced my flute today! The ward choir director asked me to play a piece for the Christmas cantata, so I decided to get practicing now. Gotta get my tone up to snuff. She wanted me to do the piece on my oboe, but the range was all wrong. I need to work out a schedule for practicing- every other day for each, I think.

While LMS napped, I went for a run. It was quite nice to be able to run without pushing a jogging stroller. It felt really good. I did 4 miles in about 45 minutes, which is a good pace for where I'm at right now. My next race is going to be in the middle of January. I'll be doing a half marathon down south (so the weather should be decent). If anyone wants to do it with me, it would be fun to get a group together. If you don't want to do a half marathon, they have a 5K that day, too. Email me for more info.

This evening I moved my Japanese audio files to my ipod, so now I can listen while sitting on the couch or my bed while reading the talks/lessons. Makes it much more likely that I'll actually do it.

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