Saturday, October 4, 2008

Exercise goals

I was going to get up and exercise this morning, but was feeling too tired, despite going to bed early. It'll take more than one full night of sleep to catch up on all the sleep I've missed. I did still get a workout, though. My dad hauled a couple trailer loads of gravel home and we shoveled it off the trailer and onto the driveway, which really needed it. We've been growing muddy potholes in it for awhile now. All told, we ended up moving 5 tons of gravel, so I think I'm good for the day- I got some good weight lifting in.

I will be re-starting my exercise program on Monday. I need to write it down so I stick to it and stop wussing out (the hazards of exercising by oneself: no accountability to an exercise buddy). So, my schedule will be as follows:
Monday: weight train and walk/run for at least 60 minutes
Tuesday: bike ride for at least 60 minutes
Wednesday: weight train and walk/run for at least 60 minutes
Thursday: bike ride for at least 60 minutes
Friday: weight train and swim laps for at least 60 minutes
Saturday: bike or walk for at least 60 minutes

The key to this will be to get up early enough so Little Miss Sunshine can eat breakfast (she's a slow eater), I can do my exercising, shower, and still have time to do something else before lunch. If I don't have time for anything else before lunch, I have a hard time feeling like I've been truly productive, despite the fact that exercise is, of course, productive. Getting to bed on time every night will make it a lot easier for me to get up and moving in the morning.

Monday I will also start making more of an effort to watch what I eat: I will no longer be eating high glycemic index foods. I'll be following the guidelines the nutritionist gave me, and I'm really hoping that between the diet and exercise I'll finally be able to lose weight. My goal is to lose at least 35 pounds or fit into my size 6 jeans (and have them be loose) that I haven't been able to wear since our first year of marriage.

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