Friday, October 10, 2008

More fun with Little Miss Sunshine

Ok, so Little Miss Sunshine can be quite amusing. The other day we were talking to daddy on skype, and she decided we were done, because she wanted to do something else. So she picked up the mic and and said "All done daddy call. Right there." and put the mic down on the desk. There's a girl who knows what she wants!

She frequently reads books (I set a good example!), and the other day I caught her reading a book out loud. She was looking at the pictures and reading along. It was very cute.

The other day I was reading a book, and she decided she wanted me to do something with her, so she closed my book and said "All done book".

We went to the grocery store and I wouldn't get one of the car shopping carts (I carried her instead because it was just a quick trip) so she started crying. We stopped to get cookies for daddy (no time to make them) and she said "Thank you mommy cookies" and patted me on the back. She thought they were for her!

She has quite the vocabulary, though she doesn't pronounce everything very clearly. Remember the Friends episode where Joey has to learn French for an audition, and Phoebe tries to help him? He's able to pronounce everything clearly one syllable at a time, but when they put it all together, it comes out all garbled. That's Little Miss Sunshine! She insists on calling yogurt 'hey yo' (I have no idea where she got that from). I had her say it one syllable at a time (yo gurt), and she did it without problems, but when I had her say it all together, it was right back at 'hey yo'.

Some other funny pronunciations:
yanny= candy
nammies= jammies; not to be confused with:
nanny= lambie
meat and cheese= meat and cheese sandwich
butter jelly= peanut butter and jelly sandwich
bee yow= strawberry
wrap wrap= blanket (though she has an unspellable way of saying blanket, she likes to call them wrap wraps)
lella= cinderella
emo= nemo
bear book= Berenstein Bear books
bee bo book= Sandra Boynton books (the Belly Button book= bee bo)
ded= red
geen= green
boo= blue
puh-ple= purple (her favorite color)
puh-ple mail= purple nails (she loves having her nails painted purple)
moomie= movie
ood= food

Yesterday I was sitting at the computer, and I had to laugh. I realized I'd said the words 'where are your underpants?' 6 times in a two minute time period. hmmmm. I guess we should work on modesty....

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