Thursday, October 2, 2008

Results from my physical

Yesterday afternoon I finally had my doctor appointment where we went over the results from all the tests we did awhile ago.

1. weight and body fat: yes, I am overweight, which I knew. One of the machines that was used to check my bone density also measured my body composition, which was really interesting. Based on my lean body mass, it was able to recommend an ideal weight range that is much more realistic than what the stupid height/weight charts say. The lower range is actually right at my target weight, which I found interesting- I've been right all along in thinking that's where I should be. Despite being as short as I am, I just don't have the bone structure to be a petite 100 pounds (unfortunately).
2. resting blood pressure: good.
3. blood pressure while one hand is in a bucket of ice water: good.
4. blood pressure while trying to count backwards from 999, by 9s: good.
5. blood pressure while playing a video game (Ms. PacMan): good.
6. lung capacity: good.
7. EKG: good.
8. strength tests for arms and legs (lifting weights): my legs were stronger than expected, but my arms were way weaker than expected. I used to be really strong. I guess I've been neglecting my arms too much lately.
9. bone scan: fine
10. chest x-ray: fine
11. vision and hearing: fine

My bloodwork all came back fine and normal, including my hormones (which I suspected was the case, since I actually ovulated this month, which means they've been evening out) and thyroid. My insulin is borderline resistant, but better than the last time I was tested. This is particularly frustrating, since it means there's no reason for why I can't lose weight. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Today I met with a nutritionist, which was actually quite motivating. She and the doctor want me to do a low glycemic index diet, start weight lifting twice a week, and keep exercising. The low glycemic index diet is basically a modified Atkins thing: High protein, but with more fiber than is allowed with Atkins. We talked about a lot of stuff, most of which I already knew, but it was a good reminder. It was encouraging since I don't actually need to make major changes, mostly it's just smaller things that need to change, so it shouldn't be too hard to do. I mentioned that I have a real hard time with cravings for sugars, and she suggested that rather than completely deny myself, I should allow myself two squares of Ghirardelli dark chocolate a day, and when I'm having cravings, to eat one with some cheese or nuts. The low glycemic index diet keeps the blood sugar stable and helps regulate insulin, which in turn helps keep the hormones balanced. Insulin resistance leads to hormone imbalances, which leads to worse insulin resistance, which leads to worse hormone imbalances, and so on. Not a good cycle to get into, and getting my insulin in check should help with balancing my hormones and losing weight.

In other news, I finished sewing the fourth quilt top the other day and started putting them all together last night. Yesterday morning I finished organizing the storage container. Now I can find things, though I do need to order some more boxes so I can repack some stuff that was being used earlier.

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