Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hawaii here we come...

in just over a month. I finally bought our tickets to Hawaii! Come the middle of November, my Army Guy has his R&R, and we're meeting at his aunt and uncle's in Hawaii. He'll get two weeks there, and we'll get three! We have to plan for him being late, so Little Miss Sunshine and I will arrive before and leave after when he's supposed to be there. Key word: supposed. Unless he's super late getting out of there, we shouldn't have to change our tickets. It's nice that he's got family there, otherwise there's no way we could spend that much time there. It'll be a lot of fun, and we're all looking forward to it.

Well, I didn't succeed in exercising this morning: I was up super late trying to talk to my Army Guy, and then of course had a hard time waking up. Once I was up, we only had time to get up and ready for the day, then we went to my SIL's. I had said I'd help sort through all the baby clothes. We pass around bags of clothes between the cousins, but not all of them are actually wearable. We finally got rid of the ugly, nasty, no-way-would-I-ever-put-my-daughter-in-that clothes, which reduces the size of the bags (those giant zip lock bags are great!) and will be less hassle to haul around. I thought it would only take an hour, but it ended up being about three hours before we finished, which threw off my plans for the day. I did manage to get some more work done on my quilts- I'm getting closer to being done with them. I also managed to do pretty good with my eating. Still some progress to be made in making sure I'm not eating too much sugar, but overall, not too bad.

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