Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night after posting I started typing an index of our books. I did the books that are in the house: all 255 of them! 70 are mine, and 185 of them are Little Miss Sunshine's. I was surprised by how many books we have in here. I really didn't think I had that many. I mean, I know I have about 20 boxes of books in storage, so I have a lot of books. I didn't realize I had 70 inside- my books are in 4 small shelves in my bookcase. I didn't think they held that many books. It did take longer than I thought, though. My inner OCD won out on this one. It was easier to keep going once I got started, so I ended up staying up till 1:30.

Today we ran some errands that took longer than I wanted. This evening I took LMS trick or treating. She had a great time. The dogs we met were almost more exciting than the candy. She loves saying hi to doggies.

I haven't gotten around to working on the travelmate yet. I ran out of time today, and won't have time till Monday. Tomorrow we'll be busy doing family stuff with the funeral.

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