Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Funny

Back in March, when Ocean was sick, he kept shoving stuffed animals and bobby (his blankie) into his pillow case. Then he'd cry when he couldn't find bobby. I'd go in and retrieve bobby, Ocean would grab it, I'd leave, and a little later we'd repeat the process.

Normally he has a good memory, so I think it must have been because he wasn't feeling well.

Those who also have a good memory will remember that River's blankie was named Bob and Ocean's was named Larry, ala the Veggie Tales. Over time, Bob has evolved into bobby, and Ocean has decided his blankie is also named bobby (it is easier to say than Larry). So now all the blankies are "bobby", and if River has more than one that he's carrying around, the second one is "two bobby." As in, where's two bobby?

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