Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekly Mileage

Last week was cold and rainy, but I managed to have some good workouts on the treadmill. I'm back up to 5 workouts in one week, which is what I need to be doing from here on as I get ready to start my half marathon training, which officially starts next Monday.

Monday and Thursday I walked on the treadmill. Wednesday I had a good 3.55 mile run on the treadmill with another 4.0 mile run on Saturday; both runs were without stopping. Improving my endurance is one of my goals, so it’s nice to see it happening (on the treadmill at least, even if not out on the road yet). 

the boys would have loved playing in the puddles

Thursday it was raining, but we were going to go hiking anyway since we have rain gear. That was the plan right up until the thunder and lightening started. At that point I changed our plans and rescheduled our hike for Friday morning and hit the treadmill instead.

Our hike Friday was… an experience. I decided to let Ocean walk for a bit at the beginning, with the intention of putting him in the carrier on my back after a little while.

why hike when you can scratch in the dirt with the stick you picked up earlier?

As expected, he wandered all over and had a blast (he loves being outdoors). The problems came when he wanted to go off the trail, when he walked super slow, and when he wanted to sit and play in the dirt in the middle of the trail. Add in River being adamant about taking the <much longer> red trail instead of the <much shorter> yellow trail we were on and resultant meltdown and the cold and windy weather and I was not as calm and patient as I could have been. In the end, Ocean went on my back, but was very unhappy about it and River finally bowed to the inevitable and followed us on the yellow trail, but he wasn’t happy about it either. Needless to say, our hike was not very long.

River spotted the red trail marker to the left

and proceeded to hug it while crying "red! red!"

I’ll let Ocean walk again, but I’ll pick a day when it’s warmer and I’m not feeling crummy (I had a sore throat on top of everything else) and I’ll let him walk towards the end of the hike, rather than the beginning. Maybe that will work better?

Weekly mileage
Monday: 2.32 miles walked on the treadmill
Wednesday: 4.11 miles run and walked on the treadmill
Thursday: 3.05 miles walked on the treadmill
Friday: .74 miles hiked
Saturday: 5.0 miles run and walked on the treadmill
            total miles: 15.22 miles

11 hikes towards #52hikechallenge

122.57 miles towards #365milechallenge

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