Friday, April 28, 2017

Using Instagram to Improve Speech in Toddlers

the rule is if he can climb up AND down by himself, he can play on the upper level
he learned how to climb it a year or so ago, Ocean will probably figure it out in the next 6 months

River finished speech therapy when he turned 3 back in October, and while he's still delayed, he has improved leaps and bounds since then.

One thing that we've been doing has turned out to be unexpectedly helpful in improving his skills. We read books to the kiddos, of course, but it wasn't until River and I started looking at "puppy pictures" on Instagram that I realized how much pictures can help improve his speech abilities.

When we look at "puppy pictures" I ask him questions and he describes what he sees, or points to objects I ask him to find.

This has helped his observation skills and his vocabulary and speech skills. He's more articulate, has better pronunciation, and uses complete sentences.

Obviously, this doesn't have to be done using social media, it just happens to be what helped me realize what was going on. Books with pictures are just as effective as Instagram pics, but I do find it easier to ask questions about Instagram pics than a page in the story we're reading.

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