Wednesday, April 5, 2017

GAPS v.2017 Week 11 Intro-ish

We picked up this year's chicks from the post office last Friday in the pouring rain. 
So far they're doing good, though keeping the boys away from them is proving a bit challenging.

I was supposed to get back on the GAPS bandwagon this week, but it proved more difficult than I anticipated. Mostly because apparently I have no self control. I bought some snacks for the kids (gluten free, but not GAPS legal) and it was a disaster.

I need to re-commit to doing GAPS without cheating, instead of having it in the back of my head that "I'll just have a little of this." The hard part is that certain foods seem to trigger the urge to keep eating whatever it is, and usually it's something that I shouldn't be eating, like processed grains that really don't agree with me or chocolate, so it's never "just a little." I've still been losing weight, albeit slower than I'd like, so it's easier to justify cheating, even though I know that not cheating will allow me to lose weight more rapidly.

It's all a frustrating, discouraging head game some times, and I haven't been bringing my A game.

I will do better this week.

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