Wednesday, April 12, 2017

GAPS v.2017 Week 12 Intro-ish

Ocean stopped to pick up sticks while we were hiking last week- he sure loves his sticks :)

I’m still struggling to get back on the GAPS band wagon. I’m doing better, but I’m having trouble being 100% committed. I’ve been trying to identify why this is the case, and I’ve come up with a few possibilities.
  1. I’m still recovering from being sick and taking antibiotics
  2. It was that time of the month last week
  3. Easter candy- Cadbury mini eggs are just so hard to resist!
  4. High stress levels
Individually, I could handle them. Piled on top of each other, I’m not doing so well.

doesn't he look like he's casting a spell? he's smiling, so I'm sure it's a harmless one :)

This week I’m planning on doing the best I can, but being realistic, it still won't be perfect.
  1. Feeling a lot better, though still a bit congested in the sinuses and lungs- hopefully I'll finally kick it this week.
  2.  Done with my period thank goodness.
  3. Easter’s this Sunday, so Cadbury mini eggs will disappear from the shelves until next February (pretty sure that’s when I first saw them this year).
  4. Not a lot I can do about my stress levels because a lot of it is due to things I don’t have control over. There’s some things that are up in the air, and until we get more information we can’t make plans for other things (how’s that for vague?). We probably won’t get that information for another three weeks, at which point we’ll have to scramble to figure out how we’re going to make everything work. Depending on how things go, we have several options, but we can’t plan the details until we have more information. I find this very stressful as I like to plan things out. There’s other stressors as well, but that’s the big one right now.

My point to all that is that this coming week should be a bit better, but next week will see even more improvement in my ability to stick to GAPS.

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