Wednesday, April 26, 2017

GAPS v.2017 Week 14

once Ocean realized there was candy in the eggs, he was done looking for more eggs- he wanted the candy!

I'm still working on getting back on the wagon. Honestly, I'm feeling a bit discouraged at my lack of willpower lately. I've realized that I do fine as long as I stay away from stores and the temptation to grab that bag of chocolate just sitting there on the shelf. Unfortunately I can't completely avoid stores, plus avoiding the issue isn't solving the root of the problem.

I still have weight I need to lose, but it's not going to happen if I'm not more careful about the amount of carbs and starches I'm eating. If weight loss wasn't part of the equation, I would probably call it good at this point and quit GAPS entirely. However, weight loss is a big part of the equation, so I can't quit and I need to figure out how I'm going to make a low carb/low starch diet work for me. Because what I've been doing the last few weeks (cheating here and there and thinking I can get away with it without repercussions) hasn't been working.

In other health news, last week I had my follow-up to make sure my ear had healed properly, which it had. Though I was surprised at how long it took for my hearing to get back to normal- a good three weeks at least.

I also took River back in since he was still having problems hearing and he'd started complaining about his ears hurting again. He also had a nasty cough and runny nose. His ruptured eardrum and ear infection had healed, but there was fluid behind that eardrum and his other, previously healthy ear, was infected. So he's on antibiotics now, as well as allergy meds for the cough and runny nose.

After discussing the symptoms, his doc felt that those symptoms were indicative of allergies rather than illness. Ocean and I also have some milder allergy symptoms. I don't remember allergies being an issue last spring, so I'm bummed that they're becoming a problem.

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