Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Funny

When I was sick with my ear infection a few weeks ago, I bought a frozen gluten free mac and cheese for dinner one night. Sunshine was able to cook it herself (she just had to toss it in the oven) while I laid in bed. We very rarely eat mac and cheese, mostly because grains are such a problem for me. So we've had mac and cheese once, maybe twice since Ocean was born.

As you can see, he wanted nothing to do with it. His reaction was so funny (and long lasting) that I grabbed my phone and captured these pics of him having a meltdown. He kept trying to hand my his plate- he didn't want it anywhere near him. Usually if he doesn't want to eat something I can pull it away from him, leave him alone, and he'll start eating once he calms down. That did not work on this occasion.

He was very offended by those noodles, but he did eat his broccoli.

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