Monday, May 1, 2017

Running a 5k Up a Mountain

the finish was at the very top

Saturday I ran a 5k that was supposed to be entirely up a mountain. A tree that fell and damaged part of the boardwalk changed the course a bit, so instead of three miles uphill, it was one mile downhill followed by two miles uphill. The incline/decline of the first two miles wasn't too bad (it's a trail the kids and I have been on before), but the third mile is the killer. It's actually a bit more than a mile and a quarter, and it's brutal. Six or seven switchbacks that were ridiculously steep as they wound their way up the mountain.

I started the race feeling tired and heavy-legged, but settled into my groove after about half a mile. I ran most of the first two miles, stopping to walk only when I hit the switchbacks at about 1.75 miles. It was the longest mile I've ever walked. It flattened out a little towards the top, so I ran a little and walked a little before finally being able to run the final straightaway.

The view from the top was spectacular and there was a nice breeze that compensated for the heat (high 70s) and humidity.

it was hazy, but still beautiful. this is the view to one side, the other side was towards the city

My half marathon training plan called for a six mile run on Saturday so after a brief photo op and water break, I headed back down the mountain and ran the race in reverse.

It was a hard run, but I felt good afterward. And out of the six miles I completed, I only walked that one mile. I was afraid running down the switchbacks would trash my quads, but I took it slow and easy and it didn't feel too bad. In fact, while I have sore muscles, they're not as bad as they have been on other occasions. Though my plantar fasciitis is now acting up :(

I completed the first 3.05 miles in 41:16
mile 1: 10:59
mile 2: 13:06
mile 3: 16:44
I completed the second 3.09 miles in 38:00
mile 4: 12:39
mile 5: 12:15
mile 6: 12:08

Last week I started doing random "happy hips" yoga videos from youtube after spending time on the treadmill and it's helping with the tightness I feel in my lower back as well as the tightness in my hips. I don't usually like workout videos, but they're less than 10 minutes and they are helping, so I'm willing to do them. Between the videos and foam rolling my niggling calf is feeling better.

Weekly Mileage
Monday: 2.5 miles walked on the treadmill
Wednesday: 4 miles run on the treadmill, total 5.04 miles
Thursday: 1.25 miles hiked (approximate- have to confirm this week since I forgot my Garmin)
Friday: 3.53 miles walked on the treadmill
Saturday: 6.14 miles run outside (race x 2) plus cool down, total 6.32 miles
      total miles: 18.64

45th race towards 40 by 40 goal
14th hike towards #52hikechallenge
175.83 miles towards #365milechallenge

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