Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekly Mileage

we've had a lot of rain lately, but the sun managed to come out at the tail end of our hike
such gorgeous colors!

Last week was supposed to be my highest mileage week in my half marathon training cycle. It might have ended up that way, but I'm not sure. I had three days where I didn't do any running or walking on the treadmill, but I did lots of walking in other places.

Monday I did my usual laundry/treadmill routine.

Tuesday we walked all around IKEA, getting organizational & kitchen items for our RV. I brought my Garmin, intending to track how far we walked, but I completely forgot to pull it out of my bag and start it. And I don't know that it would have worked in the store, anyway. Regardless, I walked a lot.

Wednesday the kids and I spent an hour or so walking around the RV lot, killing time while they did a little bit of work that they didn't have time to do when we bought the RV. We walked around and climbed in and out of RVs and travel trailers and it was much less stressful than trying to keep the kids quiet and still in the small sales office. We failed miserably at that while filling out the paperwork and I wasn't anxious for a repeat. I again forgot my Garmin.

Thursday we went for a hike, but it was a short one because we got a late start and had to be back before the the four hour window of time when the electrician was supposed to show up, and of course he didn't show up until almost the end of that window. But if we hadn't made it home in time he'd have been there on time, so we hurried.

Ocean loves exploring outside, and he loves being able to walk for part of our hikes, but he does get distracted by wildflowers

Friday I ran 10 miles on the treadmill, with a couple warm up and cool down miles for a total of 12 miles. I discovered that while our treadmill will keep running after 10 consecutive miles, the computer won't track it. I had to turn off the treadmill and re-start it in order to finish my workout. This is good info to know as I still have a couple long workouts to do before my half marathon.

Saturday I intended to go for a run outside, but by the time we finished processing our chickens and cleaning up the mess, I was just too tired. I did lots of walking and lots of standing, and my feet were killing me. So I didn't go for a run. My feet were still sore on Sunday, so it's a good thing I didn't do any more.

As I mentioned Wednesday, I've changed my running plans and this week showed me the wisdom in that. Once I run my half marathon in June I will be giving my poor feet a chance to rest and heal.

Weekly Mileage
Monday- 5.58 miles walked on the treadmill
Tuesday- walked around IKEA for a couple hours
Wednesday- walked around the RV lot for an hour or so
Thursday- hiked 1.12 miles
Friday- ran 10 miles and walked 2 more for a total of 12 miles on the treadmill
Saturday- walked around while processing chickens
    Total miles: 18.70 miles (I'm only counting the miles I actually tracked)

hike #17 towards my #52hikechallenge
270.2 miles towards my #365milechallenge

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