Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hiking in the Rain

We finally had a rainy day that coincided with a hike day, so we broke out our rain gear. I bought Oakiwear trail suits for the boys (Sunshine and I had raincoats already) a while ago, but they hadn’t had a chance to try them out. They wore rain boots with their trail suits, but Sunshine and I wore hiking boots because they're more comfortable and we care about such things while the boys really don't :)

I had a hard time finding small rain boots locally for River a couple years ago, so I knew it would be even harder to find an even smaller pair for Ocean. I bought him a tiny pair of Oakiwear rain boots  and he thinks they're the best and that he's such a big kid. He wore them once or twice before this hike, but this was the first time on a hike and with his trail suit. 

The trail suits worked great for keeping the boys clean and dry. Ocean didn’t get muddy since he was on my back most of the hike, but River laid on the bridge and got his trail suit muddy while keeping his clothes clean.

The boys had fleeces under their trail suits and while it was a chilly day River was too warm- we could have left his fleece in the car and he’d have been fine. Ocean was fine since he didn't do too much walking.

 I like how adjustable the suits are. The boys are both wearing 3t suits (I originally ordered a 3t and a 5t, but the 5t is just way too big for River, so I put it away for when he's bigger and ordered a smaller size. I meant to get a 2t for Ocean and have River wear the 3t I'd already ordered, but I didn't double check the sizes and ended up with two 3t trail suits. Rather than fuss with returns, I kept them both since River can wear the 3t for awhile still and Ocean will be able to wear either one for a good long while.) and the internal waist band cinches in while the hem of the pant legs can be tightened around boots and the sleeves can be adjusted as well. The fabric is light weight enough that it's not a problem for the kiddos to walk around with the extra fabric poofing around them.

It rained earlier in the morning before our hike, but it didn't rain for most of our hike. We got dripped on while under the trees and then rained on during the last stretch of the trail (which was also the paved portion so mud wasn't an issue), but no one minded getting a little damp.

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