Wednesday, May 31, 2017

RV Tour

driver's side: with two slides

This post is mostly pictures of our new RV. I only took pictures with the slides in, so I'll do another round of pictures later with the slides out. I talked a little bit about our RV here.

passenger side: no slides

first view indoors

view to the left, from the top of the stairs
doorknob is for the bathroom, mattress folds in half when slide is in, unfolds when slide is out

lots of storage in this RV- those upper two doors both open into the closet (easily 3 or 4x as big as our closet in the trailer)

bathroom, with laundry basket in the shower (isn't that where everyone puts their laundry basket?)

medicine cabinet above toilet

that shelf slides out for extra space for clothes and such

closer view of the bedroom

there's cupboards above the bed as well

there's a convection/microwave oven and a gas oven under the stove 
our trailer only had a regular microwave and no oven

frig/freezer plus pantry. I found a trash can that just fits in the space between the cupboards when the slide is in. I need to rig a padded strap to keep it in place when we're driving.

view from the bedroom, kitchen on the left, door on the right

sofa and storage next to the frig in the front slide

the J-lounge just in front of the door, with the extension in and without the table up

extension out for more seating (the front seats will also swivel to face the rear for more seating)

J-lounge with the table in place and ladder up to the over-cab bed also in place

handy netting for keeping small kiddos from rolling out of the bed in the middle of the night

there's a large tv that swings against the wall of the bed, then swings out for watching

view from between the two front seats, looking back and to the passenger side

view from between the two front seats, looking back and to the driver's side

We're really happy with how much space there is in the RV, even with the slides in. You don't feel super cramped moving about. I'll post more about what we do and don't like as we spend more time in it and get used to using it. One thing I will say: that mattress in the back has got to go. It's hard as a rock and super uncomfortable.

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