Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekly Mileage

looking down the hill

Last week was another good workout week, though not quite as good as the week before.

Monday I walked on the treadmill and Wednesday I went for a nice run with my friend C. It was cold and windy, but once we got onto the tree-lined gravel road, the wind wasn’t an issue.

We started running, and it felt good. The first mile is a mix of uphill and downhill, but the entire second mile is one long, long incline. Thankfully it’s not steep, but it is relentless. Despite that, we kept running. We turned around at the two mile mark and coasted downhill for a mile (the benefit of going uphill first) before tackling the mix of uphill and downhill again.

We ended up running 3.75 miles, then walking the final quarter mile back to her house as a cool down. It was an unexpected workout for both of us, but it felt good, so we just kept going.

The only problem was that while the run felt good at the time, the next morning I didn’t feel so good.

I was exhausted. I didn’t have sore muscles, but I was exhausted. Tired in my eyes exhausted, which I haven’t felt in awhile.

I’ve been trying to figure out why. I’ve pushed myself harder before, so I don’t think it has to do strictly with my run. I suspect it has to do with my diet. I’ve been doing GAPS for the last month now and this was the hardest workout I’ve done in that time. Physical exertion while low carb is a whole different ball game than physical exertion while not low carb. But I need to stay on GAPS for the healing, so I’m going to have to figure out how to make it work. Lasttime I did GAPS I trained for a half marathon, but I don’t remember feeling so crummy back then.

I took it easy on Thursday, so we didn’t go on a hike like we normally do. Friday I felt better, though still not 100%. I forced myself to walk on the treadmill Friday but didn’t feel up to doing more.

Saturday I did some speed work on the treadmill. My legs felt like I’d run a marathon- they were that tired. I managed a decent workout, but it was not as intense as I’d hoped. I just didn’t have the energy. Though a less intense workout was probably a good idea so I didn’t end up feeling worse again.

I was disappointed about missing our hike last week. We couldn’t reschedule it because Thursday morning is the only available time for us to hike. I was also disappointed that I was feeling so blah. It’s been several months since I’ve felt this bad, and it was a rude awakening. Hopefully it won't happen again.

Weekly Mileage
Monday: 3.21 miles walked on the treadmill
Wednesday: 4.1 miles run outside
Friday: 3.18 miles walked on the treadmill
Saturday: 3.18 miles treadmill speed work
              total miles: 13.67 miles

6 hikes of 52 for #52hikechallenge
59.06 miles of 365 for #365milechallenge

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