Wednesday, February 8, 2017

GAPS v.2017 Week 3 Intro

My view of the track at our recent pinewood derby. I ran the computer again, but I think I'm handing those duties off next year. We combine four packs and always have a crowd. Despite the numbers, we keep things moving and finished all the races in less than two hours.

I struggled last week.

The kids aren't on GAPS, so there's food in the house that's not allowed in the Intro phases. I've been avoiding squash (it's not my favorite food) and I've ended up lower carb than I should, which makes it way too easy to snitch bits of the boys' grain free bread.

I gotta get over my squash issue and make sure I'm eating enough carbs that I'm not tempted to eat things I shouldn't. And I have to re-think the foods that are in the house. Some foods aren't a temptation, but there are couple that have proven to be an issue. Not that they're unhealthy or anything, they're just not GAPS-approved.

So I took advantage of fasting on Sunday to re-set my mind and my eating. Cheating on GAPS is not going to heal my body, so I have to be committed to eating properly if I want to feel better. Thinking about GAPS as a long term prospect has been overwhelming. I need to step back and take it a day at a time, not a week or month at a time.

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