Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Soccer Season

We just finished the spring season of soccer. It's been a really wet spring and I think we had more cancellations than usual, but the kids still got some good practice in. LMS' team was coached by someone with actual soccer experience (all the teams in our league are coached by parents and their experience can be pretty spotty- as evidenced by the fact that I was a coach a year or so ago), and the kids made good progress with their skills.

LMS in red

LMS in green penny, left of center

Since our league has spring and fall seasons, LMS has now played for 7 seasons. Wow, has it been that long?  She's improved so much since she first started, and this season especially she made good progress. And I am slowly understanding the rules better :)
Spring 2010
Fall 2010
Spring 2011
Fall 2011
Spring 2012
Fall 2012

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  1. Gosh I need to get my kids involved in some organized sports activities! I remember it being fun as a kid.