Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine's Birthday

The Little Miss recently celebrated her birthday. Mr Mellow joined us via Skype :)

Saturday we had her birthday party at the play studio we used to go to last year (we didn't go this year because there's only so much money and so much time in our schedule). 

I thought briefly about hosting the party at our house, but quickly realized I didn't have the time or energy necessary. One of her friends had a party at the play studio not too long ago and after a little investigation, I realized it was the perfect solution. All I had to do was provide drinks, a snack, and cupcakes. Everything else was taken care of. 

Just what I needed!

The kids had lots of fun, and it's great to see their imaginations at work.

I made yummy chocolate cupcakes using the recipe I found here and frosted them using the recipe I found here. The frosting is more sugar than we usually eat, but for a birthday party....

I served a simple fruit salad for the snack- you can see a sliver of it in the picture below.

Happy Birthday LMS!

Instead of the usual plastic flotsam and candy-filled goody bags that accompany birthday parties, I made little "Creativity Kits" for each of the kiddos to take home.

I put the following in each kit: pipe cleaners, felt stickers, several colors of baker's twine, colored index cards, googly eyes, buttons, a pencil, 4 colors of Model Magic, foam stickers, popsicle sticks held together with washi tape, and glitter glue.

Not super expensive since I had some of the items already, but the big expense was the Model Magic. I ended up buying the classroom pack on Amazon- I think there's 20 of each color in the pack. More than we needed, but the most economical way to get the amount we needed. And it's not like the remaining packets won't get used: LMS loves the stuff, and we can bring some along to the family reunions we'll be attending this summer.

The Little Miss had lots of fun at her birthday party and paying someone else to run the birthday party was totally worth the money :)

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  1. OK seriously...that place looks awesome! And I love the crafty goody bags...genius! :)