Friday, May 17, 2013


Have you heard that this is the year the cicadas all emerge from their underground burrows after 17 years of slow growth?

We're lucky enough to live in an area where cicadas also live, so we get to see this interesting phenomenon. We haven't actually seen them around our house yet (and I keep listening for them), but yesterday LMS was at a nature class about a half hour or so south of where we live, and we found lots of cicadas.

This cicada left its husk on the underside of the rope and is all ready to fly off.

This isn't a good picture at all, but it's a cicada emerging from it's husk. It's a lighter color, but will darken up once it's fully emerged and dried off.

After class, a cicada landed on LMS' arm and started getting friendly.

LMS enjoyed the experience, but I think they're a little icky. I'm not liking those red eyes....

Have you ever heard cicadas?

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