Monday, May 13, 2013

Hall Closet Makeover

It's hard to get a good shot of the closet- I'm standing a couple stairs down, and the sand colored "wall" to the left of the doorway is actually the column at the top of the stairs, which got in the way of me taking good pictures.

Like every other closet in this house, the closet in the upstairs hall was not well thought out. It's an odd triangular shape with fixed shelves that limit just how much you can actually put in the closet, which results in a lot of wasted space.

Halfway through emptying out the closet I remembered I hadn't taken a before picture. Story of my life.

After finishing the guest room, my next project was to make the hall closet more useable. After emptying it, I took the shelves out, removed the supports they'd been resting on, and did a little speckling, sanding, and painting.

I installed shelf strips (yep, them again), and trimmed the shelves a smidge so they'd fit in again.

I also painted the wood for a new shelf and then had to wait a few days for dry weather in order to cut the wood to size before installing it in the closet. Pregnancy brain has already hit apparently, since it took me three days to realize we have a covered front porch that was dry even when it was raining {headslap}.

Then I put everything back in again. Ahhh, so much more organized, and less wasted space.

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