Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No snowshoeing today

Unfortunately, the snow didn't last so I didn't get to try out my snowshoes. I swear I'm jinxed or something. Everytime I'm here in the winter, there's no snow. A few years ago we weren't able to make it home for Christmas, and they got more than 3 feet of snow! The next year, when we were here, not so much. Hmmmmm. I was going to ride my bike for awhile but ended up snuggling with Little Miss Sunshine instead. She needed some quality mommy time.

This afternoon I went to the doctor. I've been feeling nauseous almost constantly for the past couple months (and no, I'm not pregnant), so I figured I should get it checked out. He's not sure what's going on (I don't have the classic symptoms), so we have two 'easy' things we'll look for first, then move on to the 'harder' things if those don't show anything. I'll be getting an ultrasound to check out my gall bladder and I'm taking Nexium for a week to see if it's an acid problem. The next steps will be to consider gastroporesis and a gluten allergy, but there's a lot of testing with those, so we'll wait and see if the first two show anything.

Last night I got a good amount of scrapbooking done, but there is still lots to do, so I will be spending more time on it tonight.

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