Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesss mommy

About a week ago, Little Miss Sunshine woke up and said 'yesss' when I asked her a question. This is great progress, since she's been saying 'yesh' for the longest time. Now she goes around saying 'yesss mommy' when I ask her to do things. It's so nice to hear 'yes' instead of 'no' all the time.
I'm continuing to make progress with getting up earlier and going to bed earlier, though still not as early as I would like on either. I haven't run or ridden my bike today, but I did spend three hours lifting and moving boxes.

Last time I was out in the storage container I noticed some moisture seeping up through the wood floor. No puddles or anything, but since we've got a bunch of cardboard boxes, I thought I should put some plastic under them just to make sure our stuff doesn't get ruined. In the process of moving everything around, I also consolidated some boxes. I've been taking stuff out there in random boxes I find in the house, and adding the random boxes to my neat piles of (all-the-same) boxes. I managed to get rid of all but two of the random boxes, which makes my OCD feel better. It is helpful to have all the same boxes, because they stack neater, so it's not completely an OCD thing (ok, it is, but it makes sense, too). I am going to have to order some more boxes, though. I don't have any empty boxes to pack up all the stuff we have in the house. Not sure how that happened, but apparently our stuff has been multiplying all by itself. Either that or I've managed to buy more things than I thought I had....

While out there, I dug out some things that we'll be needing in the next month or so. We're starting to get ready for my Army Guy to come home, so I need to make sure we know where his stuff is.

I also found the tools I need so I can finish putting my new clips on my bike. Once I get the clips on, I can use my new bike shoes!

The last round of photos I sent to be printed arrived today, so I will be spending tonight working on my scrapbook. I need to hurry and get it done so I can move on to other projects. Once I clear off my desk, I need to haul out my sewing machine. I need to hem up a new pair of jeans and make the cover for LMS's car seat. The fabric is fleece, not the canvas I wanted, but I'll put a backing on it and it should last ok (I hope). The pattern and color are pretty close to the canvas I used on her old car seat cover.After I'm caught up on my sewing I have some stuff to list on ebay. They've been sitting in my closet, taking up space, so I either have to get them sold, or put them in a box and take them to the storage container. Actually, now that I'm thinking of it, that might be a better idea. I know once we move I'm going to go through everything as I unpack and get rid of a lot of stuff. So if I wait, I can get it all done at once.

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