Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Experiments with kinesio tape

The kinesio tape I ordered arrived a couple days ago. This morning I found the video that shows how to tape for shinsplints and watched it a few times before attempting it on myself. I taped both shins, then spent an hour on the treadmill. I alternated walking and running, and only had a few twinges. We'll see how they feel tomorrow, though. If they're going to hurt, it's usually the next day that it shows up.

Yesterday I rode my bike for half an hour (still getting used to the new bike clips) and did a 20 minute pilates video. Little Miss Sunshine wanted to 'stretch' too, so she laid down beside me, and lifted one leg, then another, sat up, laid down, etc. It was very cute. Today I went online and requested some kids yoga dvds from the library. If she wants to 'stretch', I have no problem encouraging it!

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