Monday, January 26, 2009

Jack Frost visited us

When we woke up yesterday morning, frost was covering everything. Before we left for church, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. I thought these turned out the best. It looks like it's almost dark outside, but it was just really gray and gloomy.
The frost reminded me of the ice storms we used to get growing up. Ice would coat everything: trees, bushes, grass, the streets, the driveway. We learned how to ice skate on our iced over driveway and the huge frozen puddles (the size of small ponds) in the soybean fields next to our house.

Saturday night I ran out of photo stickers with just two and a half pages left to finish off our Hawaii trip. Very disgusting. I had to wait till today to buy more. So I will be finishing those off finally, then getting started on my Army Guy's stuff.

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