Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine's room is finished!

I finally got Little Miss Sunshine's room all finished, even the small details. I should clarify, though. Her room isn't really a room, it's more .... a cozy space.

Here's the before pictures, after I put the insulation in and started framing and drywalling. As you can see, it's an unused space under the eaves.

The first picture is looking to the left, from the doorway.

The second picture is looking to the right, from the doorway.

Here's the after pictures.

The first picture is looking to the left, from the doorway. This is her reading area, complete with comfy cushions.

The second picture is looking straight in from the doorway. The doll cradle is one my dad made me when I was little, which I have now passed to LMS.

The third picture is looking to the right, from the doorway. There's room for stuffed animals on the shelf, and in the hanging shelf in the very right hand side of the photo. I was going to make a trundle bed box to lift her bed off the floor a bit, but decided that it's fine as it is. I keep finding her half off the bed, so I think it's safer for her bed to be on the floor for now.

LMS is a big fan of Finding Nemo, hence the decals, the poster above her bed, and her quilt.

When we move into our own place and she has a normal sized room, I'll switch her bedding to pink or purple, something more girly than the blues that currently predominate. It works for now, though.

When I was painting and remodeling the room, I finished off a smaller space under the eaves for use as a toy room for LMS.

Here's a photo after I had put the insulation in.

Here's looking to the left from the doorway.

Here's looking to the right from the doorway.

And here is just outside her toy room (doorway is on the right), looking at the rest of her play area. Remember those shopping carts? My sisters and I had a couple of them, and they lasted forever (which includes the abuse my three younger brothers dished out). They did finally die, but I found one on ebay for LMS.

By finishing off two unfinished, unused (except for storage) areas attached to our room, I've been able to give LMS her own bedroom and playroom. It's nice for her to have her own space, and it's nice for me to have more room than I otherwise would. I have my closet space back, too, now that her crib is no longer in there.

I'm glad to finally have her room done. Now it's time to move on to other projects. Tomorrow my mom and I will be canning peaches, but we should be able to get it all done tomorrow.

I still need to get out and exercise, but I still have a phlegmy cough. I'm starting to think that maybe I do have bronchitis, after all. I was going to go for a bike ride first thing this morning, but it was 45 degrees! Add a stiff breeze, and it was quite cold, and it didn't warm up till close to noon. I'm going to have to get outside tomorrow, regardless of the temperature, though. I have to be ready for the marathon. I did buy an indoor trainer today; once that comes I can ride my bike inside, even if it's cold outside.

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  1. Wow, jen! That looks amazing! well done! I'm sure LMS loves it!