Friday, September 12, 2008

Always book your hotel way in advance

Last night I spent a couple hours trying to find a hotel room for next Friday. I thought I had plenty of time, but I was grossly mistaken. I tried so many different sites, and there were no available rooms. There's a good number of hotels and motels in the area, but it's kind of isolated, so the next closest available rooms were 25 miles away, on the other side of a mountain pass. That would mean getting up at least a half hour earlier than I was already planning (4:45ish), which is just wrong. I did find one place that didn't have online reservations, but that I thought looked likely to maybe have a spot available, so I called them first thing this morning. I was in luck! The girl I talked to said a group had just released a block of rooms they'd been holding, so there was an opening for me. Yay! I was starting to get really worried. I really did not want to get up even earlier than I already need to.

This morning we ran some errands; I needed to get stuff for the marathon, and wanted to get it taken care of and out of the way. After lunch, Little Miss Sunshine went down for a nap, and I went downstairs and walked five miles on the treadmill. It felt good to get moving, and my shins didn't bother me, though I'm still trying to get my shoes to really feel comfortable.

I finally finished the third quilt, so tomorrow I can get started on the last one, in between batches of jam. We canned peaches last week, and did some jam, but ran out of jars. We have more jars, so now we need to defrost the peach puree and finish the job.

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