Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Treadmills aren't just for adults anymore

This morning I biked for 45 minutes, and discovered a benefit of biking indoors: you sweat, a lot. It kind of felt like I was in a sauna. Isn't there a type of yoga that you do in a heated room? I never noticed how much I sweat when I'm outside, because the wind is cooling and drying me off. Hopefully I will be losing lots of water weight.

Little Miss Sunshine has discovered the treadmill: 'Nun, mommy. Nun, mommy.' (translation: run, mommy. run, mommy) So I stood behind her and she held onto the uprights and we 'ran'. Well, the treadmill was on, and it was going about as slow as you can go on it. But she had a great time! I tried telling her it was time to get off, and she didn't want to; she kept walking, and ended up keeping it up for about 15 minutes, which really surprised me. Now I know what to do when she's not able to run around and play outside. And she did go to sleep quicker tonight...

I rearranged our room (again), making space for my bike. I decided to leave it up all the time, so it'll be easier to just hop right on- no excuses to procrastinate. So I hauled more stuff out to the shipping container, and I think I've finally gotten all the extraneous stuff out of our room. Everything is accessible, and I think it looks nice: not too cluttered, yet functional.

I had planned on rearranging the storage container today, but it rained this afternoon when I was planning on tackling the job. Since I need to pull stuff out in order to rearrange it all, it was a no-go today. I did manage to locate the box that had my medical records from when I went to a reproductive specialist. My doctor wants to see the records, and while I do have a couple weeks till the appointment, I wanted to get that taken care of so I didn't forget about it.

I have made some good progress on my quilt, and hopefully I can finish it by tomorrow night. Then I can start on the fourth and last one. Yay! I can hardly wait to get these done and taken care of. After I finish some of my other projects, like my scrapbooks, I will do another quilt, but I think I'm going to find a pattern book and make sure I do everything right. These quilts aren't exactly neat and even and all lined up: I just kind of make things up as I go along, which is ok, but I've seen some designs that you need to be a lot more accurate when sewing them.

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