Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daddy cookies

We finally made it to Costco this morning, as well as Target, the library, and the post office. I also got the car washed; kind of silly to do it right before a road trip, but there's lots of bug guts splattered on the car that have been there all summer, and I decided I didn't want to risk them messing up the paint job (I read somewhere recently that they can do that).

I was going to go walking while Little Miss Sunshine took a nap, but I ended up just relaxing and reading a book. While it was nice to relax, I need the exercise, so I ended up biking for 35 minutes after she went to bed tonight.

After LMS's nap, we made cookies to send to my Army guy. She calls them 'daddy cookies' and loves to 'help' make them. She especially loves eating the cookie dough, and the finished product.

After that, we went outside and played for a little while (the weather has actually been pretty nice the last few days), and I had to drag her, kicking and screaming, into the house to clean up for dinner. Even food wasn't enough of an enticement to pull her away from her sand and water table.

I also started getting ready for our trip: cleaned out the car, pulled the suitcase out of storage, started gathering clothes and paraphernalia.

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