Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marathon musings

Over the past couple days, I've been thinking about my marathon experience. Initially, my first impression was not real positive, but after a couple days to ponder it, I think I have a more positive outlook on it. This course really is a great course- fast, no uphills, great weather and atmosphere. While it didn't turn out quite how I wanted/expected, and it was a lot more painful than I thought (and I was expecting significant amounts of pain), it was also motivating.

I want to get in better shape (and lose weight and get rid of these stupid shin splints) and be able to run an entire half marathon. I'm also feeling the desire to run another marathon. I didn't think I would ever have that desire after doing the one, but I do want to run a marathon that I've trained for properly. I want it to be a better experience. Hmmm, that sounds like my thoughts on pregnancy. I'd like the second one to be better than the first was.

I need to start finding races for the upcoming months so I can start working towards completing them. I find that having a race coming up is very motivating- it helps keep me working out every day. And with the weather getting worse, I'll need any extra motivation I can get.

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