Friday, September 26, 2008

Playing catch up

I've been a bit remiss in posting lately, so here's an overview of the last week.

Little Miss Sunshine and I went on a road trip so I could run a marathon. The trip out wasn't too bad, but there was one spot that was interesting, and delayed us a bit. Within about a ten mile stretch, there was:
1. an accident on the other side of the freeway. I thought at first it was a tractor trailer, but as we passed it, I saw it was a travel trailer. It was smooshed! Those things do not do well in accidents.
2. a few miles later, our side stopped for a stalled-out million dollar bus. It was quite funny, actually. A million dollar motor coach stopped in the left lane (wouldn't you pull off the road??), with the owner working on the engine in the back, trying to get it working. You'd think if you spent that much money on something, it would work.
3. just as we were slowing for the bus, LMS started saying she had to go 'pee-pee potty! pee-pee potty!'. Once we got past the bus, I pulled over and she went potty, and then we pulled back into traffic, only for this to happen:
4. a few miles later, there was massive construction going on, causing major delays, and no places to pull over. Good thing we had already taken a potty stop!

While we were out there, we got to visit with friends and family, which was lots of fun. LMS really enjoyed playing with her friends and cousins. We went to visit a friend who just had a baby a couple weeks ago. When we got back to my sister's place, LMS wrapped up her lambie (aka 'nanny') in her blankie, and said 'nanny new baby, nanny new baby'. Apparently the new baby made quite an impression on her.

LMS and her cousin who is 5 months older than her are really starting to play well together, and they are so cute together!

Playing in the backyard after church.

We went on a short hike, and they 'helped' each other up a short hill. Of course, by the time we turned around, they were both complaining so much that we didn't have to worry about bears (not that there were any around, but if there had been...).

While I was running the marathon, my sister who watched LMS during the half marathon watched her again. LMS had fun with her, and they would have been waiting at the finish line for me, except just before I finished, LMS had to go to the bathroom (of course!). We hooked up a few minutes later, though. I just checked my official finish time, and it was 5 hours 54 minutes 34 seconds, which is 2 minutes quicker than I had previously thought. Not bad!

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