Monday, September 29, 2008

What now?

I was talking with my visiting teacher today and she asked, 'so, what are you working on in October?' Good question. My major goals (triathlons, half and full marathons) are now completed, so what am I working on?

This week I'm going to finish my fourth quilt top, then start putting all four of them together, and start organizing the storage container. Once those are completed, I'm going to move on to typing an index of all our books and catching up on our scrapbooks. Not sure which to do first, since they'll both be time consuming. I haven't done anything with our pictures for more than a year, and we have about 20 boxes of books. Decisions, decisions.

On the physical side of things, I did ride my bike for an hour today, and I will start walking and riding on a daily again (it was nice to take some time off after the marathon, but I need to get moving again). I also need to start swimming once a week again. The weather has warmed up again, so I need to get back outside with my bike and trailer and the stroller- enjoy the weather while I can.

I also need to make sure I'm working on my ongoing goals, especially the spiritual ones. I was reading the Ensign this morning, and it said that the Joseph Smith manual is available in audio format online now, in several languages, including Japanese. I have the manual in Japanese, so now I can listen and read at the same time.

There have been a lot of changes in what's allowed in Nursery, things they don't want us doing (no more big toys- everything has to fit in the toy cupboard), things they do want us doing (only use church produced materials, only sing songs from the children's songbook- that's the hard one), etc. Some of them seem a bit silly, and I had been thinking about how to drag my feet in implementing them. Then, as I was reading the Ensign, I realized that it would be wrong to do that. We are counseled to support and sustain our leaders, and that means in everything, not just the 'big' things. I had been thinking it was such a 'little' thing, it didn't matter that much if we actually did it or not, but it does. If we won't follow guidance on the 'little' things, how will we do when the 'big' things aren't things we want to do/find difficult to do? Will we just say 'oh, it's not that big a deal, I'll be fine if I don't do ____'? When we follow all the commandments, we're blessed and we are better able to handle the tasks before us, whether 'big' or 'small'.

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