Wednesday, October 15, 2014

5k Trail Run

Saturday I ran my second trail run and it was a lot better experience than the first trail run. The shorter distance and an easier trail made the race a lot easier on my body. It still had some downsides though.

It rained all night leading up to it and sprinkled off and on during the race and finally just started pouring not long after I finished, drenching those who were still on the course. I stayed relatively dry because I put my raincoat on after I finished. All that rain made for a very muddy course and lots of slipping and sliding. I could have run a lot more of the race if I hadn't had to slow down and walk on the slippery slopes. I still managed to slip and fall (see the photo above, which was taken after some of the mud was washed off by the rain), which left my leg scratched up and covered in mud. Despite that, I was still cleaner than some of those finishing. Seriously, if they had planned the rain, they could have advertised this as a mud run.

My garmin said I ran 2.88 miles in 38:05, which isn't my worse time, but certainly not my best, either. I'm not sure why the distance was so far off the mark. As for the course itself, it was a pretty good course. It was a trail run, so there were rocks and tree roots, but not as many as the first trail run I did. While there were hills, there were fewer than in the first race and they weren't as steep. I do like running through the trees- I find it very peaceful. One good thing about all the rain was that we were already wet enough when we did a couple stream crossings that it didn't really matter if you managed to stay out of the stream or not.

After that first trail run I wasn't sure if I ever wanted to do another one. After completing a second trail run, I have to say I'm open to the idea of running more trail runs. BUT I will choose them carefully and look for trails that don't have tons of rocks and roots. I just am not spatially aware enough to tackle a really technical course. Nothing wrong with that, I just know my limitations :)

This was the first race I ran this month and I have one more coming up: the Halloween 5k that I've done the last three years. We'll all be in costume and I'm working frantically to finish them up in time. I'm hoping to defend my "Best Costume" title from last year!

October 5k Trail:                    38:05         second trail run
September half:                    2:51:01      first half marathon since getting pregnant
August 8.5 miles:                  2:06:58      first trail run
August 2 mile:                     ~40 min?    Mud Run with Sunshine
2nd July 5k:                         35:27
July 5k:                                 34:15
June 5k:                                38:11          Ran with jogger
May 5k:                                39:23          Ran with jogger
April 5k:                               37:40          Color Run
March 5k:                            37:33  
February 4.5 miles:            1:49:55        Mud Run
January:                              ---

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